The Mind Game

Use Your Head For Better Scores 

What goes on inside your head can have a lot to do with how you play and what kind of scores you shoot. In fact, golf is more of a mental game than you might think.

If you were to ask some of the best players in just about any sport to tell you what makes them so good, you'd get answers like "dedication", "hard work", "practice", etc.

Eventually, one of their answers would be the ability to "forget".

Nobody is ever going to be perfect all the time, and nobody is going to be good all the time. I've seen the best hitters in baseball go 3 or 4 games in a row without getting a hit.

I've seen the best shooters in basketball go 0 for whatever shooting 3 pointers, yet they continue to shoot them.

I've seen some of the best quarterbacks in football throw 3 or 4 interceptions in a game, yet they continue to throw the ball.

I could go on and on. The point is, what makes those players some of the best in their sport is the confidence they have in themselves and the ability to forget.

In the case of the hitter, they might go 3 or 4 games in a row without a hit, but when it's time to play the next game, they believe they'll go 4 for 4.

The basketball player doesn't care how many in a row he has missed. In his mind, the next one is going in. Same for the quarterback. He doesn't care how many interceptions he has thrown. All he cares about is the next pass.

Take this attitude to the golf course and watch your game improve!

If you hit a bad shot, you need to train yourself to forget about it when it's time to hit your next shot. It's over. No matter how much you dwell on it, you can't have it back. The only thing you can control is your next shot.

So if you're thinking about your last shot, you're not putting your full focus and attention on the shot you're about to hit.

And the same thing goes if your previous shot was a great shot. It's over. Thinking about it isn't going to help you hit your next shot.


Another way you can use your mind in a positive way is how you approach each hole.

Picture you're standing on the tee of a tough par 4. Water all down the right side. What are you thinking when you tee your ball up?

If your mind set is "don't hit it in the water", you're not going to swing the club with a lot of confidence.

Chances are, you won't hit it in the water. You'll probably end up hitting it into whatever trouble is on the left.

But if you tee it up, stand back, and pick a spot out in the fairway where you do want to hit the ball, you're going to swing the club with more confidence.

Instead of making a shot to "not do something", hit the shot to "do something positive".

So the next time you go out for a round of golf, try using your mind in a positive way and see if you don't play with more confidence and shoot better scores.