Sun Mountain Golf Cart Accessories

Sun Mountain Golf Cart Accessories

Sun Mountain golf cart accessories are available for the Micro-Cart and Speed Cart models of golf push carts.  Golfers who own either of these models can now customize their push carts with accessories made specifically for their cart.

Both Speed Cart models (V1 and SV1) and the four wheel Micro-Cart model come equipped with a number of standard features that make them ready for years of enjoyment right out of the box. Once your Sun Mountain push cart arrives, take it out for a few rounds. Get yourself familiar with the features it has come equipped with. If you decide there’s anything you’d like to add, it can be easily attached or installed. 


Speed-Paq Nylon Pouch

This nylon pouch is designed to have plenty of room for additional storage and easily attaches with four Velcro straps on both the Speed Cart V1 and Speed Cart SV1. It has two-way zippers for easy entry, and the exterior mesh pocket allows for quick access to whatever you choose to store in it. At a total size of 12.5″ X 15″ X 4″, it’s ideal for carrying a light jacket, rain hat or other gear.


Adjustable Umbrella Mount

Both the Speed Cart and Micro-Cart will come equipped with an umbrella holder that will easily attach to the handle. The handle of your umbrella fits in a tube that will hold your umbrella for you while you walk. However the only way to adjust the umbrella is to adjust the handle. Rather than adjust their handle to a position that’s not as comfortable, many golfers add an adjustable umbrella holder.

This simple accessory will allow you to keep the handle at the height that’s most comfortable for you and allow you to adjust the umbrella to keep as much water off you and your clubs as possible.

*This item currently unavailable

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Speed Cart Seat

Waiting on the tee for the group in front of you to hit, or in the fairway waiting for the green to clear, is something every golfer will have to deal with during a round of golf. With a Speed Cart Seat, you CAN take it sitting down.

This handy accessory inserts easily into the wheel fixture, springs up when not in use, and folds away for storage. Especially useful on a warm day!

Sun Mountain golf cart accessories will enhance the years of enjoyment you’re going to get with your Sun Mountain push cart.