Orlimar Push Cart

 Orlimar Push Cart

Known for their break through innovation, the folks at Orlimar are constantly pushing the envelope to make sure your experience with an Orlimar push cart is everything you expect.

Their rich history, constant innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence combine to bring you some of the most user friendly golf products on the market today.

Orlimar makes a wide variety of golf push carts in a wide variety of price ranges, and each one is designed to enhance your experience on the course no matter what your needs are.

The Orlimar EZ Roll 3 wheel cart comes in 3 different models. Whether it’s the EZR 12.0, the EZR 13.5, or the EZR 15.5, each EZ Roll golf cart has its own unique features designed to make getting your clubs around the course as easy as possible, while also providing many built in features that allow you to carry other essentials needed for a round of golf.

Now you can bring whatever you want for your round of golf and have your push cart carry it for you.

Here’s what you can expect from each Orlimar push cart in the EZ Roll line:


Orlimar EZ Roll 12.0 Golf Cart

The Orlimar EZ Roll 12.0 golf cart has anti-slide tire treads on both of the 12” rear wheels and the 10” front wheel which will prevent it from slipping or sliding on any type of terrain.

The handle has been specifically designed to avoid any back or hand strain.

Additional features include:

  • Two step QuikFold design
  • Durable, long lasting lightweight aluminum frame
  • Spoked front and rear wheels
  • Adjustable padded handle adjusts for golfers of all sizes
  • Waterproof scorecard, ball, tee, and pencil holder



Orlimar EZ Roll 13.5 Golf Cart

The Orlimar EZ Roll 13.5 golf cart features an ultra light aluminum frame, and only weighs 13.5 pounds.

It has anti-slide treads on both of the 11.5” rear wheels and the 8” front wheel which will prevent it from slipping or sliding on any type of terrain. 

The water resistant compartment will keep scorecards and other essential items safe and dry.

Other features you can expect to find on this EZ Roll 3 wheel cart are:


  • Two step QuikFold design
  • Sealed ball bearings on both the front and rear wheels makes pushing effortless
  • Golf ball and tee holder
  • Drink caddy
  • Watertight storage compartment
  • Handle mounted brake system at your fingertips that can be easily deployed and released

*This cart is currently unavailable



Orlimar EZ Roll 15.5 Golf Cart

The Orlimar EZ Roll 15.5 golf cart also has a durable, light weight aluminum frame along with the anti-slide tire treads.

 The EZ Roll 15.5 golf cart weighs only 15.9 pounds, has three 10” wheels, and folds up to a very compact 16” x 16.6” x 31”.

 It comes with a handle mounted hand break that can be easily adjusted for a custom fit.

 *This Orlimar push cart also received a silver rating in the Aug. 2012 issue of Golf Digest magazine.

 Other features you will find with the EZ Roll 15.5 include:


  • One step QuikFold design
  • All three wheels have sealed ball bearings
  • Easy to deploy hand brake
  • Watertight compartment
  • Tee holders and golf ball holders
  • Drink caddy that keeps your beverage within reach



Orlimar Caddie Pro Series

An alternative to the Orlimar EZ Roll line of push carts, is the Caddie Pro Series line.

The Orlimar Pro Series 2000 push cart features an adjustable handle to fit golfers of any size, and can be folded to fit into a small places conveniently.

Additional features you can expect with your Pro Series 2000 include:

  • Lightweight three wheel push design
  • Central chassis
  • Stylish 10” front and 12” rear wheels
  • Cup, golf ball and scorecard holders
  • Foot brake

The Pro Series 2000 is a very inexpensive, high quality push cart.

*This cart is currently unavailable



The Orlimar Pro Series 3000 push cart is a premium three wheel golf push cart that features a strong, adjustable central frame.

The support frame extends or contracts to fit golf bags of all sizes from junior to adult.

Features you can expect with your Pro Series 3000 are:

  • An adjustable angle handle allows for most comfortable arms position for golfers of any height
  • An adjustable chassis (accommodates any bag size)
  • A wide strut frame
  • Stylish 10” front and 12” rear wheels
  • A sturdy foot brake
  • Beverage cup, golf ball, pencil and scorecard holders

*This cart is currently unavailable


* Every Orlimar push cart comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Walking behind any Orlimar push cart will give you the feeling of having your own personal caddie every time you tee it up!