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Golf tips…they’re everywhere

Golf tips are everywhere. You can’t play 18 holes and have a couple of beverages in the clubhouse without hearing at least one person tell someone something that they think will help their golf game.

If you’re here, chances are, you’re just like most golfers…you’ll try anything if you think it will help you improve. The key is knowing “if” it will help you improve.
Think about it. Have you ever played a round of golf without hearing someone say “keep your head down”, or “your coming over the top”, or “try not to sway so much”. Chances are you’ve done it yourself. We all have.
That’s one of the things that make golf such a great game. Anyone can play it, and sooner or later, you’re going to play with someone that is newer to the game than you are, or not as good as you are.
You’ll fight it at first, but that urge to tell another golfer something you see that might help them hit the ball better will over power you one day. And when that day comes, give yourself a pat on the back…you’ve just contributed to the millions of golf tips, designed to help someone else play better golf.
But there’s more that goes into playing good golf than just having a good swing, or being able to hit the ball long. There are hundreds of golfers that hit the ball solid and hit it long but don’t shoot good scores.

GOOD golf tips aren’t always related to the golf swing

Consider that, for the most part, everyone on the PGA Tour has a good swing, and they all play good golf. But some of them play better golf than others. That’s because there’s more to it than just a good swing…although having one will certainly help.
In our golf tips section, you’ll find tips for all parts of your game as well as some in depth posts designed for the golfer that’s looking for more technical information. You’ll find helpful golf tips relating to things like:
·       Swing Improvement
·        How to Score Better 
·        Putting 
·       The Mind Game
·       Tournament Strategies
Hopefully you’ll find something that will help you drop a few strokes.
Good Luck and Good Golfing!