Gifts For Golfers

Gifts For Golfers

Buying gifts for golfers isn’t that difficult. There are hundreds of great gift ideas to choose from.

Some might be obvious, while others maybe not so much. 

What Do Golfers Need?

There are certain things that all golfers require, whether they are avid players, or only play a few times a year. 

One of the keys to buying gifts for golfers, is knowing if the person you’re buying the gift for is an avid golfer or not.

If a person regularly plays 2 or more rounds of golf per week, they’d be considered an avid golfer and probably take their game pretty seriously. 

A person that plays 7 – 10 times per year would be more of a casual golfer.


What a particular golfer “needs”, is usually a direct result of how seriously they take their game, and knowing this can be helpful when purchasing gifts for any golfer.


As an example, no matter how often they play, a golf bagclubs, balls, and tees, are a few of the items that they, and every other golfer, are going to need in order to play a round of golf.

Therefore, if you’re searching for gift ideas for golfers, you can’t go wrong with any of these items.

But it’s important to keep in mind that many golfers who play a lot, prefer to play a certain kind of ball, or clubs, or would rather have a stand bag instead of a cart bag. Having this information handy before making your purchase will insure that your gift is something they’re not going to just say “thanks, I love it”, but they’ll actually use it!  

But things like golf shoes, golf gloves, rain gear, specialty clubs, and golf push carts, are things that a casual golfer might not necessarily need in order to play a round of golf here and there, but most avid golfers would consider them must have items.


Let’s look at golf shoes. The casual golfer can play in sneakers whereas the avid golfer realizes the value and the need of having the added stability they get with golf shoes when they swing. And most golf shoes are waterproof or water resistant so their feet stay dry when it’s raining or the ground is wet.

The casual golfer can play without a golf glove, but the overwhelming majority of golfers rely on the added grip they get on the club, which greatly reduces twisting during impact.

And whereas the casual golfer could get by with a standard set of clubs, the avid golfer wants his/her set tailored to their game. This usually includes adding 1 or 2 extra wedges and a hybrid club or two to replace certain clubs in their set.


More Gift Ideas For Serious Golfers

There are literally hundreds of gifts for golfers that take their game seriously. For these golfers, many of these items are considered an essential part to the success and/or enjoyment of their game.

For example, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, and many times golfers end up playing in the rain.

Whether a golfer plays in a couple of charity tournaments a year, or plays competitively at their club all season, there will be times they are forced to play in the rain.

Most golfers who play a lot, consider a rain suit an essential part of their equipment. Having a good rain suit  can go a long way toward being more comfortable if they have to be out in the rain. 


That’s just one example…there’s many more!

To the casual golfer, many of these items might be considered “over kill”, but the avid golfer considers them essential to the success of their game.

Again, armed with the proper information, these things can make great gifts!!

Every year, there are advances in technology that make it easier to play the game. Golfers who take their game seriously love having the latest equipment. A new driver, utility club, or irons are sure to put a smile on the face of any golfer.


How about a laser or a GPS. A few years ago, you hardly ever saw one on the golf course. Today, if you play regular matches with your buddies or play in a number of tournaments over the season, you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have one.

For the golfer that likes to walk, rather than carrying their clubs around for 9 or 18 holes, a golf push cart would make a great gift! A study by Neil Wolkodoff showed that golfers shoot lower scores using a push cart as opposed to carrying their clubs or riding.


As you can see, armed with a little information like shoe size, glove size, golf ball preference, and how seriously they take their game, buying gifts for golfers isn’t that hard.

And because you can shop online, you’ll be able to browse hundreds of gifts for golfers from the comfort of your own home, and save time doing it!


If you want to save even more time and still make sure your golfer gets exactly what they want, there is another alternative:

Give them a gift certificate!!

Many times, golfers will “treat” themselves and buy something with a gift certificate that they ordinarily wouldn’t buy if they didn’t have one.

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