Consistency Equals Good Golf

Consistentcy…A Key To Good Golf

Even if you don't have a perfect looking golf swing, if you can consistently get the club face back to square at impact, you can still play good golf. There's a lot that goes on during the swing and it happens in a very short amount of time. You can't "think" your way through it.
 Having a consistent, repeatable swing is one of the keys to playing good golf. The only way that’s going to happen is through practice.
What do Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, and Arnold Palmer all have in common? When you think of a nice smooth classic golf swing, none of these guys come to mind.
However bring up golfers who have won major championships, and all three are in the discussion.
Why? Because even though they didn’t have “beautiful” swings, they are able to consistently repeat their swings over and over again.
Everyone out on tour can play. What separates the best player in the world from the 20th ranked player in the world is consistency.
So make sure you strive to swing the club the same every time you swing it.
Remember…if you strive to swing the club consistently, and you make a good swing, you can predict where the ball is going to go most of the time.
If you’ve ever heard of “Iron Byron”, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, Iron Byron is a machine used for testing clubs and balls. Its swing doesn’t change. It’s extremely consistent therefore you can reasonably predict where the ball is going.
Distances might be a little different, but the direction will be consistent.
So remember, one key to playing good golf is to have a consistent, reliable swing that you can trust when you're under the gun.
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