Club Face Positions

What’s The Club Face Doing During The Swing?

Let’s talk about what the the club face should look like throughout the swing and what you need to do to ensure that it’s in its proper positions. As you will see, the key is timing.

OK, grab a club if you have one handy (I use a wedge because it’s the easiest to control). If not, you can try it later. You’ll still be able to picture what we’re talking about.

From the address position, imagine that the butt end of the grip was lodged in your stomach with the club face still square to your target. If you went through the motion of a golf swing, the face of the club would always be in the same position in relation to your chest.

If you have a club, try this…stand at address, and with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, grab about halfway down the shaft. Making sure the club face stays square and maintaining the shaft angle, lift the club off the ground and put the butt end of the grip in your stomach. Now rotate your body just as you would when you swing. Notice that on the way back, the club head only gets to about waist high. If you’ve done it properly, you’ll see that the toe of the club is pointing toward the sky.

Now start turning your body toward the finish position. You should see that the club face at the bottom of the swing has returned to its address position (square to the target), and as you continue to the finish position, again the club face is only about waist high with the toe of the club once again pointing toward the sky.

In order for this to happen, the club face had to have rotated about 180 degrees, however throughout this entire exercise, the position of the club face never changed in relation to your chest because the butt end of the grip was connected to your stomach. Therefore, all the club face did was follow the rotation of your body.

Remember back at the beginning I said the key to all of this was timing? To accomplish this during the swing, the trick is that your hands must rotate the club face at the same rate of speed that your chest turns.

For now, work on getting the feel for this. Remember, once the club head gets to waist high on the back swing, the toe should be facing the sky, and when the club head gets to waist high on the through swing, the toe should again be facing the sky. Other than waist high to waist high, the club face does not rotate during the swing.

In the next post, I’ll talk about what happens from waist high to the top of the swing on the way back and from waist high on the through swing to the finish position.

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