Callaway Accessories

Callaway Accessories

Callaway offers push cart owners a limited number of golf push cart accessories. While Callaway has not gotten heavily involved in the push cart accessory market, both the RAZR and Diablo series of push carts are receptive to universal accessories as well as Callaway accessories.


Callaway Get-A-Grip Cigar Holder

The Callaway Get-A-Grip cigar holder allows golfers who enjoy a cigar during a round of golf the convenience of just clipping their cigar to the cigar holder while they play their shot. The Get-A-Grip cigar holder has a unique swivel design that always holds the cigar level and gives owners the added benefit of not having to put their cigar on the ground, which is always being sprayed with chemicals, and then back in their mouth. The rubber coated Grip Tips won’t scratch surfaces, and the all weather aluminum never corrodes.


Callaway uPro MX Cart Mount

The Callaway uPro MX Cart Mount is the perfect accessory for anyone who owns a Callaway UPRO MX+ GPS Device. This uPro MX Cart Mount will easily and securely attach the UPRO MX+ GPS to a push cart or a riding cart. It has a sturdy design, and is easily adjustable allowing the device to be angled in multiple positions for optimum viewing.


*This item currently unavailable. Click here for universal equivalent

Though limited in volume, rest assured that Callaway accessories are made with the same high standards as some of its more well known equipment.