Caddytek EZ Push Cart Review

Caddytek EZ Push Cart Review

The Caddytek EZ Push Cart, also known as Caddytek EZ Fold, makes our top three based on value vs price, how it compares to our #1 recommended push cart, and the overwhelming number of positive customer reviews.

Overall, the features on the Caddytek EZ push cart compare very nicely with the top rated Clicgear model 3.5+, and in many cases might be preferable.

Each golfer has their own needs on the golf course. Below, you’ll see why we believe the Caddytek EZ Fold is worthy of being rated as one of the best push carts for walking golfers.

Even though WE consider this to be one of the best push carts in a crowded field, our goal below is to provide anyone that’s ready to buy a golf push cart with enough information to decide for themselves whether the Caddytek EZ Push Cart is the best cart for their needs.

Here’s The Break Down

How The EZ Fold Compares To The Clicgear 3.5+

This comparison is being made to our top rated Clicgear 3.5+ because Caddytek believes the EZ Fold matches up very well and encourages golfers to compare the two before making a purchase. 

We agree, which is why this golf cart made our top three list!

When you look at the two side by side, you’ll understand why the EZ Push Cart is very popular with walking golfers.

Because There’s A Lot To Like About The Caddytek EZ Push Cart

1. Both push carts have maintenance-free wheels with ball bearings for smooth rolling on all types of terrain.

2. Both carts have adjustable front wheel alignment.

3. Both carts have a handle storage net, but the Caddytek EZ Push Cart also comes with a “miscellaneous basket” that includes a built-in cooler.

4. The EZ Fold has an adjustable four direction umbrella holder which is great if you’re playing in rain AND wind. The Clicgear comes with a fixed umbrella holder.

5. Patented one click folding and unfolding mechanism making folding and unfolding somewhat easier.

6. They look good and come with a choice of colors.

Some Minor Differences

1. The Caddytek is a little heavier than the Clicgear (by less than 1/2 lb. –> 18.4 lbs vs 18 lbs). Not a lot, but you’re the one taking it in and out of the car.

2. When folded, the EZ Push Cart measures 14.3″ x 16.5″ x 28.5″ compared to Clicgear’s 13″ x 15″ x 24″

3. Both push carts come with a brake and both work well, but we prefer Clicgear’s hand brake to Caddytek’s foot brake

4. The wheels are slightly smaller by about 1/2″. Not much, but we believe a larger tire makes pushing the cart easier.

5. There is no mechanism for locking the cart in the folded position.

6. The Caddytek EZ Push Cart comes with a 1 yr. limited warranty on the frame and parts whereas the 3.5+ has a limited 3 yr. warranty on it’s frame.


Value vs Price

Based on the comparison above, it’s easy to see why Caddytek’s EZ Fold stacks up very well with the Clicgear 3.5+.

The overall quality of the Clicgear model 3.5+ is a major factor in it being rated as our #1 golf push cart, but Caddytek makes the list for the quality that’s built into the EZ Fold Cart in combination with the price range it’s in.

On average, the Caddytek EZ push cart, is anywhere from $60 – $70 cheaper.

With a little TLC, this cart will last and perform well for years to come.

What you get with the Caddytek EZ Push Cart and the price you get it for, is why this push cart gets 5 stars when comparing value vs price.


What Do People Who Own A Caddytek EZ Push Cart Think?

thumbs upWalking golfers who’ve already added this push cart to their equipment believe they made the right decision.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of golfers who’ve purchased one and took the time to write reviews, are very happy with their purchase.

Here’s a small sample of some recent reviews that were written on Amazon from people who have purchased an EZ Fold:

On 5/12/15, Pati Hughes said:   “Five Stars”…”Birthday gift for my husband he loves it”

Also on 5/12/15, Phil Foy writes:   “Exceeded Expectations”…”  Excellent Push Cart. Folds up easy. This Caddy Tek cart is built with superior materials and is very high end product”

On 5/7/15, Mark Brickman said:   “I Love My EZ-Fold”…”I bought this cart and think its great. It certainly does what I want which is to walk the local par 3 golf course. I found it easy to assemble (15 minutes once I unpacked it.) It folds up to a reasonable size and is fairly light weight. It unfolds in one motion and locks into place. I’ve taken it out several times. It is light to push and seems to be fairly sturdy at the core”

And Lindsay writes back on 2/23/15:    “Great product for a day of golf. A must have item”…”Great golf cart for someone who wants to live the good life while playing golf. I shopped around for along time before I bit on the CaddyTek EZ push cart. My local big chain golf center had nothing that compared to this cart and its value.
Easy to set up, 3 wheels snap on in 2 seconds and a simple knob twist to put on the umbrella holder and clip for the water holder. To set it up when you get it is as easy as opening up a car with a key fob and popping the trunk with your key. No directions necessary. It is a great cart to fit in any car and go to the course for a day away from the misses or the Mr. easy to push and easy to set up. Literally opens in 2 seconds and with a push of a button it collapses”

This is just a very small sample of what owners of a Caddytek EZ push cart think about it. Click here to read more reviews.

Final Thoughts

Caddytek push carts have long been a popular choice for walking golfers all over the world. Their reputation for continually finding ways to improve their already popular, high quality push carts is what continues to make their push carts popular.

We believe the Caddytek EZ Push Cart is just the latest example of that evolution.