The Health Benefits Of Walking

 Benefits Of Walking While You Play Golf

health benefits of walkingJust about every golfer I’ve ever come in contact with would like to improve their game no matter what level they currently play at. They’re always tinkering with their swing looking for anything that might improve their scores.

What many of them don’t focus nearly as much time on is their health. Taking care of your body can certainly help you play your best golf for years to come, and the health benefits of walking are just as important to good golf as is a good golf swing.

Where is the advantage of knowing how to make a good golf swing, if your body doesn’t allow you do it?

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many people lack the motivation to become more physically active using traditional forms of exercise. Golf and walking provides a more appealing alternative to people who do not participate in regular physical activity.

And when you walk using a golf push cart to carry your clubs, you’ll get all the health benefits of walking, and won’t have to deal with the back soreness that comes with carrying your clubs.

Along with getting your heart rate above the minimum threshold of recommended physical activity guidelines set forth by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), consider this if you’re thinking about walking:

  • Researchers in Sweden concluded that walking 18 holes of golf was the equivalent of 40-70% of the intensity of a maximum aerobic workout.
  • According to Golf Science International, researcher Gi Magnusson calculated that playing golf for four hours while walking is comparable to a 45 minute fitness class.
  • A study done at the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver Co. showed that a golfer who walks 36 holes a week burns nearly 3000 calories.
  • Playing on a golf course that measures 6500 yards, you’d walk over 3.7 miles each time you play 18 holes.


Also, a study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh by Timothy C. Sell, John P. Abt, and Scott M. Lephart, states that:

“Over 350,000 preventable deaths occur each year due to a combination of poor nutrition and physical inactivity.Those two things alone contribute to diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and certain types of cancer. Golf can potentially serve as a component of a healthy lifestyle and may reduce the risks of many preventable diseases”.

Click here to read the entire case study of how the benefits of walking while playing golf can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

If you play golf and your health is important to you, consider the health benefits of walking when you play. You’ll not only be doing something good for yourself, don’t be surprised if you also start to shoot lower scores.