Bag Boy Push Carts

Bag Boy Push Carts

Since introducing the first golf cart way back in 1946, Bag Boy has been committed to offering golfers the most technologically and user friendly golf push carts available in the market today.

Because Bag Boy push cart technology continues to grow, they’re able to create push carts that are easy to use, simple to fold, and compact for easy storage whether in the trunk of your car or in the garage.


Bag Boy TriSwivel Golf Push Cart


The latest example of Bag Boy push cart innovation is the TriSwivel model push cart.

It features Swivel Tech Technology which rotates the front wheel 360 degrees allowing a golfer to walk on all types of terrain with effortless maneuverability.

The swivel wheel can be locked into place by engaging the remote Swivel Lock Out when walking hills or long distances.

The Triswivel cart folds into an ultra-compact footprint allowing for easy storage. Whether in a car trunk or a clubhouse locker, Bag Boy push carts require very minimal storage space.

The TriSwivel model of Bag Boy push carts come equipped with a number of standard features including:

  • Lightweight, weather resistant aluminum frame.
  • Handle mounted parking brake.
  • Durable handlebar grip.
  • Easy one-step handle adjustment that accommodates golfers of all heights.
  • Deluxe scorecard holder with pencil holder and secure umbrella holder.
  • 9.5” front and 11.5” rear oversized wheels that roll effortlessly through the grass.
  • Lightweight, solid foam, maintenance free tires.
  • Integrated tee and ball holder.
  • Integrated beverage holder.
  •  Oversized storage bag.

The Bag Boy TriSwivel push cart weighs a total of only 16 lbs., has a folded dimension of 22” x 14” x 18”, and is available in red, white, silver, and matte black.

Bag Boy Express DLX Push Cart

The Express DLX model of Bag Boy push carts comes with a unique fold under front wheel along with a simple two step fold system that allows for compact storage. The upper bag bracket is compatible with cart and stand bags alike.

Other standard features on the Express DLX include:

  • Quick release adjustable handle with 4 height options.
  • Push on /off foot brake system.
  • Delux scorecard holder with pencil holder and storage compartment.
  • Mesh storage basket.
  • Quick grab beverage holder.
  • Intergrated golf ball holder.
  • Durable handlebar grip.
  • Weighs only 15 lbs. and has folded dimension of 36″ x 14″ x 18″.

And just like the TriSwivel golf push cart, the Express DLX is also available in red, white, silver, and matte black.