Golf Push Cart

A Golf Push Cart Can Benefit You And Your Game

golfer pushing golf push cartIn the last few years, there’s been a noticeable trend in golf.

Everywhere you look, there are more and more golfers walking the course.

What’s different is that they’re not carrying their clubs on their back or pulling those tiresome two wheelers around like they did in the past.

In this day and age, they’re walking behind a three wheel golf push cart

Golfers are realizing that beyond the obvious benefits you get from walking and the money you can save in motorized cart fees, adding a golf push cart to your equipment will actually help your game. Continue reading to see the study that was done by Bill Pennington of the New York Times.

This site will highlight what we consider to be the best push carts for golfers that prefer to walk when they play.

Why Are Golf Push Carts Becoming So Popular?

1. We Live In A Health Conscious Society

More than ever, people are watching their health.

Turn on the TV, and you’re almost guaranteed to see an ad for some exercise equipment or videos, a certain type of diet, nutritional supplements, and on and on.

It’s a big market, and walking is generally regarded as one of the best forms of low impact exercise. Just look at the evolution of running and walking shoes as evidence. 

With more and more golfers walking, many companies have and continue, to devote numerous resources into their golf push cart and/or golf shoe lines to make walking the course easy, comfortable, and convenient.

Just think…a few years ago, had you even heard of a Pedometer? Today, they’re commonplace among walking golfers that want to track how far they walk.

Click Here to read more about the health benefits of walking while playing golf.

2. They’re Easy To Use

Walking behind a golf push cart is as close to having a caddie (and might be better) as you can get without actually having one.

It takes much less energy to get your clubs around the course pushing a three wheel cart as opposed to carrying them on your back or even pulling a two wheeler.

As an added bonus, at the end of each round, you won’t have to pay any fees or tip your golf push cart  🙂 


3. A Golf Push Cart Could Actually Help Your Game

Walking obviously won’t help improve your swing, but studies have shown, golfers that walk using a golf push cart, shoot better scores. How much better?

In a study by the director of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver Co., Neil Wolkodoff, he found:

“Golfers scored lower while walking with a caddie or with their clubs on a push cart than they did when using a motorized cart. And golfers carrying a golf bag posted the highest average score.”Weather conditions were similar each day. The golfers were required, as much as was possible, to approach the nine holes the same way each time. In other words, if they had hit driver off the first tee in their first round, they had to hit driver again on the first hole of their final three rounds. The sequencing of how they played the rounds was varied; not everyone played with a golf cart first, then with a caddie and so on.”“The golfers’ results during the four rounds tracked similarly with consistent statistical trends. For example, seven of the eight golfers reported the same scoring pattern: lowest while playing with a pushcart (group average was a five-over-par 40 for nine holes), followed by playing with a caddie (42), playing in a motor cart (43) and playing while carrying their bag (45).”


4. Compare A Golf Push Cart vs A Motorized Cart 

a golf push cart saves moneyAnother reason more and more golfers are walking is that it makes so much sense financially.

Along with the health benefits you get from walking, the financial gains over time are significant.

If you play 18 holes twice a week and ride, in an 8 month season, you’d conservatively pay close to $1000/yr. in cart fees.

One good golf push cart will run anywhere from $150 – $250 and with the proper maintenance will last for many seasons to come, thus paying for itself many times over.


Simply put, if you’re going to walk there’s just no comparison when it comes to the ease of getting your clubs around the course than with a golf push cart.

Many golf facilities are even swapping out their fleets of rental two wheel pull carts for the easier to use and more modern three wheelers.

Whether you’re looking for your first golf push cart, or are in need of a new one, we encourage you to start your search with any of the carts on this site. You won’t go wrong with any of them.